February 2004
Plant of the Month
Weeping White Spruce
(Picea glauca 'Pendula')
zone: 4
by Cory J. Whitmer, CP


The Weeping White Spruce is an elegant versatile evergreen that was almost lost to cultivation.  This plant originated in Versaililles, France and came to North America sometime before 1867, where Jean Iseli rediscovered it in1982.  This unique evergreen has been in production ever since.

     This outstanding conifer adds unique dimension to any garden.  Weeping White Spruce is a narrow, conical evergreen with a moderate growth rate of 6-12” per year.  The average height at ten years of age is 8-10’, with a width of 2-3’.  Commonly, its mature size is 40-50’ high with a width of 8-10’.  This is the perfect evergreen for those tight spaces of today’s landscapes.

     ‘Pendula’ is definitely a specimen plant.  This showy evergreen has wonderful blue-green foliage that hugs the main trunk.  It’s weeping branches form a very dense, yet graceful plant.  The needles are ½”-3/4” in length and are bunched tightly on small branchlets.

     ‘Pendula’ is hardy in zones 2-7.  It prefers full sun with a rich moist soil.  However, it will adapt to a wide range of conditions.  This plant has appeared on several lists as being deer-resistant.  Although stem rot is possible, it is very uncommon.  With this variety one should be on the look out for spider mites.

     Weeping White Spruce is a wonderful plant that leaves a fantastic impression on all that view it.  This outstanding weeping evergreen is still underused in North America.  It is a perfect example of an old variety evergreen that needs to be rediscovered.


Cory J. Whitmer, CP

Halla Nursery, Inc

Nursery Committee 

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