October 2002
Plant of the Month
Skinner's Cutleaf Silver Maple
(Acer saccharinum 'Skinneri')
zone: 4
by Betty Ann Addison

Acer saccharinum ‘Skinneri’, Skinner’s Cutleaf Silver Maple

Lacy, attenuated leaves that are silvery beneath reflect light in a unique way, giving an airy delicate look to this Silver Maple. The shape of the tree is upright with more horizontal branching than the usual form. Reaching 70 feet with a spread of 40. Leaves are a glossy bright green all year and turn yellow in the fall. Hardy to zone 3, it was developed in Canada at the Morden Research Station.

Because the leaf structure us so open the tree gives light shade and fallen leaves do not form heavy litter, allowing grass to grow beneath the tree. Like all Silver Maples it is a fast grower and will make a shade tree very quickly.

Tolerant of most soils, wet or dry, with uniform, strong growth Skinner’s Maple is useful wherever quick light shade is needed, either in the landscape or as a boulevard tree. Aubin Nurseries of Canada says “an interesting tree with a distinctive appearance that will soon be a common feature in the landscape.

Betty Ann Addison
Rice Creek Gardens, Inc.

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