July 2002
Plant of the Month
Blue Muffin Viburnum
(Viburnum dentatum 'Christom')
zone: 3
by Bert Swanson

Viburnum dentatum ‘Christom’ or Blue Muffin Viburnum is a Zone 3 plant introduced, patented and trademarked by Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc. of Grand Haven, Michigan. Blue Muffin Viburnum is an Arrowwood Viburnum with a myriad of white flowers in the spring that give rise to an abundance of bright blue berries in autumn. Therefore, with its crisp foliage, this plant provides a full season of interest, particularly spring and autumn.

This plant can be used as a great low to midsize hedge, or as a specimen foundation plant. Its mature height is 5’-7’ tall with a width of 4’-5’. Its neat, mounding habit provides the ideal plant for smaller landscape areas. Its shortened internodes provide a dense, compact plant.

Although it has a compact growth habit, it is also an active grower, so production time is not extended. The time to landscape maturity is not extended, and it is a low maintenance plant. It grows in full sun to partial shade. With its massive display of fruit, it is highly attractive to songbirds. Recommended companion plants include Hydrangea paniculata and daylilies. For additional companion plants to try, or for more information, log on to www.springmeadownursery.com

Bert Swanson
Swanson’s Nursery Consulting, Inc.

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