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Looking for new ideas for your container gardens? Check out these potting recipes put together by professionals at the MNLA!

Click on each photo below to bring up a printable version of the displayed recipe card!
  Fall Fire Recipe - Sun

  1. Draceana ‘Baueri'
  2. Angelonia ‘AngelMist® Deep Plum '
  3. Duranta erecta
  4. Zinnia ‘Magellan Orange'
  5. Calibrachoa hybrid ‘Superbells® Red'- Million Bells
  6. Salvia ‘ Vista Burgundy '
  7. Calibrachoa hybrid ‘Superbells® Blue'- Million Bells
  8. Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea'- Creeping Jenny


Pretty in Pink - Sun

  1. Artemisia ‘ Powis Castle '
  2. Setcreasea ‘Purple Queen'
  3. Diascia ‘Wink Pink' PPAF
  4. Angelonia ‘AngelMist® Dark Rose'
  5. Petunia ‘Sun Devil Pink'
  6. Dahlia ‘Gallery Art Nouveau Fuschia'
  7. Capsicum ‘Black Pearl '– Ornamental Pepper
Sassy Shade Recipe

  1. Fuschia ‘Gartenmeister'
  2. Ipomoea ‘Marguarita' - Potato Vine
  3. Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon' - Sweet Flag
  4. Lobelia hybrid ‘Laguna™ Dark Blue'
  5. Impatiens ‘Little Lizzy Red'
  6. Alternanthera ‘Red Threads'
  7. Solenostemon ‘Festive Dance' - Coleus
  8. Fuschia ‘Autumnale'

Simple Shade Recipe

  1. ‘ Santa Rosa ' Fern
  2. Hedera canariensis variegata - Variegated Algerian Ivy
  3. Torenia ‘Summer Wave® Large Violet'
  4. Impatiens sultanii variegata


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