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Since 1978, the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association has sponsored a Certified Professional (CP) program for individuals in the nursery and landscape industry. Over 865 individuals have achieved the certified status.

The objective of the MNLA Certified Professional program is to uphold, improve, and promote standards of professionalism and excellence within the industry. By focusing on individuals rather than companies, the program encourages self-improvement among industry professionals.

MNLA Certified Professionals have to earn this status: Before taking the certification exam, individuals are required to accumulate either two years of study in an accredited post-secondary nursery and landscape programs that includes a structured internship, or a minimum of 2000 hours in nursery or landscape-related employment. The examination consists of plant identification, landscape planning, sales and marketing procedures, general knowledge of horticulture, and practical application skills.

To fulfill recertification requirements, MNLA Certified Professionals must attend a series of continuing education classes and participate in industry improvement activities. The recertification process is required every three years and provides MNLA member businesses with employees of the highest quality. The designation ensures that business patrons benefit from the best knowledge and experience in the green industry.

To speak with MNLA Certified Professionals, visit an MNLA member-business near you. You can also and an MNLA Certified Professional will provide you with answers.

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