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Sent: 2003-05-02 11:05:00-05
Subject: "The substituting competitor" article
I agree with Mark on the subject of low bid contractors. Sometimes though we need to be our own police. If you, as a contractor, bid on a project and lost, it is probably in your best interest to watch these low bid contractors to make sure they are holding up the integrety of our business. The more they cheat the customers, the more our industry looks like it doesnt' care. Some of you may ask the question "why should I watch these people, I'm not getting paid for that!". The question that you should ask yourself is, "if they keep getting the jobs through underhanded tactics, how long will you be in business?". At Mn/DOT, we've recognized that sometimes our best "police force" is the contractors that lost out on the bids! We've actually encouraged these contractors to help watchdog our projects, since we cannot alway be on the jobsites. I believe that we are getting better projects, now that the contractors know they are being watched.

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