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Title 2004 Merit Award Winners

Hanson Residence

Tiered garden

Paul Mayhew, Wyngate Companies
This design created better drainage for the homeowners and enhanced their view of the woods. The homeowners have greater access to the downstairs walkout area, and expanded gardens to enjoy.

Kriesel Residence

Rock wall in backyard Chris Matson and Wendell Martin, Environmental Landscape Management Inc.
The focal point of this landscape is the informal St. Croix limestone outcropping garden. Many planting pockets were worked into the outcropping to soften the presence of stone. The pavers frame the front view of the garage and the main body of the house.

Binzak Residence

Pool Bob Dahm, Villa Landscapes
Segmental retaining walls and steps separate the patio area from the kidney-shaped swimming pool in this small backyard. The owners selected a pool deck and patio area with stamped and colored concrete that compliments the colors of the adjacent hardscape materials.

Boosalis Residence

Terraced garden Jim Christensen, Villa Landscapes
The colors, textures, and patterns of pavers visually calm the area and spatially enlarge the recreation and entertainment spaces. The client selected gray-black blended paver color to harmonize with granite gray modular block walls, planters, benches, and columns. Bedford natural stone column caps completed the color coordination.

Blomquist Residence

Front entry John Moe, Villa Landscapes
The main concept of the design was to create an entry court that would serve as both circulation and gathering space. The renovation included natural lannon stone paving, concrete pavers, and several plantings to augment the hardscape elements.

Groveland Elementary School

Front yard of school Tad Anderson, Anderson Design Services
This outdoor classroom space includes a wrap-around student sitting wall and a raised central teaching node. The paved chevron patterns are reminiscent of Native American designs. The planting elements include several natives: evergreens, perennials, grasses, and shrubs.

Lorence Residence

Garden with pond Tad Anderson, Anderson Design Services
The raised stone planter system, pool, and waterfall feature are the focal points of this design. Another key element is the layered cottage garden that provides a simple and colorful border around the front of the house. Visitors are drawn to the pool and the colorful front gardens.

Urban Retreat

Beautifully landscaped front yard C. Elaine Brubaker, Brubaker Landscape Designs
The objective was to create a series of spaces designed to connect and unify the property while responding to the natural environment. The focal point of the main entry is a stylized architectural water feature that resembles the natural stone masonry veneer on the front porch structure. Visitors are enticed on a pathway transecting the two retaining walls in the south side of the property.

Crafting Community

C. Elaine Brubaker, Brubaker Landscape Designs
The objective of this project was to create an extension of the indoors to the outside, and to create a permanent outdoor seating area. Brubaker transformed the front yard by incorporating massed lines of architecturally reminiscent plantings that break down into natural groupings on a mound of rocky outcroppings. Shade tolerant shrubs and trees form the main structure with perennial massings completing the effect.

Long Lake Shoreline Naturalization

Lakeshore Dave Busch, Terrain Solutions
The client requested a beach area, gathering area, and a feature route of steps connecting the existing non-wetland grass lawn to the dock. The shoreline was stabilized by root matter. Boulders of varying sizes were installed to provide a local aesthetic element to the design.


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