How to Calculate Special Check Interest

When opening a bank account, it is common for people not to read the contract with those “lowercase letters” and do not worry about the interest rates that will eventually be charged by the bank … Most of the time this is because we believe we will never need to use credit services like the […]

The beginning of the end of Godd funds

He’s starting to make me think of John Dean that one. Sitting on his laurels and in love with one sector, Matt hopes the world will change in his favor. But at what cost? Investors in Godd funds must be fed up with his fads. In case you did not know it, Godd is a […]

Account opened for children under the age of 18

Open a bank account under the age of 18? Can individuals under 18 years of age open an account in banks? Since banks have become intermediaries for us in almost all of our transactions, people under the age of 18 may also need to open a bank account. Since some payments such as scholarship payments […]